duminică, 26 februarie 2012

rolling results

                                                               paper yarn necklace nr 3
                                                    recycling cardboard
                                                 and again
                                           hot pad almost ready :)

i made macaroni lol

busy bee bie bie

vineri, 17 februarie 2012

"Expectation" and giveaway at....

                                               ARTISTSINBLOGLAND .
          All you have to do is to submit your art work(in any type of art) that fits this months theme      "EXPECTATION".                                                             
The most votes makes you a winner of some goodies from the house.I'm very happy to give away this months prize consisting in:
            -a print of "nyuszapo" doodle postcard

          and thanks to my lately obsession of coiling the paper this paper pendant :

                                                   in the box
                                              the re and up cycled paper mache gift box
                                                    ready to go.............

 fly and submit your work at :http://artistsinblogland.blogspot.com/2012/02/monthly-theme-challenge-expectation.html  until 29 FEB. when we well have our voting.

                 have luck !

duminică, 12 februarie 2012

10 meter paper yarn

i must be crazy...lol...but coiling the paper made me looking for something easier and quicker.....like making paper yarn.it is an "ancient" method i knew already form my childhood when we actually coiled the corn shuck leaves into many shapes -must say much easier than doing it with my beloved paper-so if i calculated well i made up about 10 meter paper yarn.i did not made into a ball but as you see little circles were born and these are the "bodies" of my future necklaces and earrings (and fun ******* yet a secret,lol)
the technique is different form coiling the paper you don't need the straw like paper shapes you just tear the paper in stripes and twist it carefully not to tear it .it is hard to describe the steps it would be better a video show but no time for that.meanwhile you may found a good tutorial on youtube or blogs ...so as i am very familiar twisting the corn leaves into yarn it was my pleasure seeing the recycled paper yarn grow,hehe...you need a bit of practice for a smooth and equable yarn but it is not impossible :)

everything upcycled on this necklace but the mauve leather cord ;) i bought that.except the cord everything is rolled yarned twisted newspaper and ......sawdust!.more will come but first i want to strengthen with a glue mixture the obtained yarn circle.it is not as sturdy as the straw-coiled circles.

also finished this little house which stood enough under the bed and luckily was found a week ago!
bie bie see you next with 100 meter of paper yarn looooooooooooool

duminică, 5 februarie 2012

swirlin' around

my lately tin cup embossing addiction is not even cooled down i'm already messing up with paper circles...many of them already around all over the house...a new addiction? is it going to last? i have no idea if it will be a bloom i will see it in spring lol.
about 4 years ago i was tempted to make a paper basket and i managed to do the bottom of it then get bored and left in a box until now when i was already sure i will never get to make that basket so was thinking to upcycle the recycled and unfinished basket part.this way the paper sticks were swirled together and my little one was very happy playing with the 40 different size newborn paper snails.
later  i searched the net to see similar examples and some of the seen swirls made me paying more attention to the snails quality.then i found out that their "perfectness" is due to the store bought quilling paper and i cooled down a bit but still trying to make my best by recycling some magazine pages.
i'm still improving the coiling steps that i want to show you hopefully sometimes.i was already told to make a few coiled jewelry so i'm sticking with the snails a bit right now...

there are many things you could use the bounded swirls-i saw coiled bowls,plates,wall art,hot-matt(very practical i was thinking of that!),new banner (lol)etc...

this is also my entry to #17 "Show and Tell on Saturday" for artistsinblogland.blogspot.com
check out for other artists work by clicking the link!

stay warm and practice.............ildi


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