luni, 1 februarie 2010

study on coils

it was in my mind to try coiling some paper while ago and now the moment become actual.i found many artist using coils to decorate their stuffs mostly the edges of their works and i could have been able to show a link to them if i wouldn't be so skilled to erase my favorite paper artists link while ago when i added another i have to find them again and it will be not be easy.i'm not very sure if they used just the paper and flour mixture i usually do or if it was the so called fast mache or better said paper clay.i never worked with paper clay but i found out that it is a mixture which allows you to sculpt very fine details .coil is a detail i was willing to know more about.i remember very vague a sheep maybe sawn on etsy with a superb coiled fur.
i sad i should give it a try using my knowledge about corn shuck coils. this is a tradition in my grandmothers village where almost everybody makes objects from it .the coils are all the time needed and put over a wooden frame and some nails.the wide shuck end is cut because it is too rough then soaked in water for a minute or so and kept wet while working with them.i was doing it also with pleasure when i was a child and spent my vacations at my grandparents.of course the shucks advantage is that it won't tear apart like paper does if too wet or too soft.
the coils i made are recycled gifts paper but it will work well with shiny magazine pages too.i tried to imitate the shuck coils which with a little practice of course came uniform and round and thanks to their V shapes makes easy the continuity.that will be another study later on hehe.what i found important here is that after i twisted the paper i covered it with narrow strips of toilet paper,kind of v rough.we can still find it some looks v much like crepe paper lol.i just put it over the coils dry they will soak enough humidity when it came twisted again.that would smooth out the coils and gives the look i want. hope it is understandable.a video would be word saving and easier to understand but no time for that.

what i did here was to recycle about 8 egg holder,actually the upper side ,the lid of the egg holder.i soaked in hot water for about 2 hours then teared it and pasted over a balloon with flour paste.this is what i call fast mache,you don't have to deal with the is already ready.two layers of this "pulp"is enough for a bowl project specially if it cames hardened with the dragon skin. the coils came as an ornament i dreamed one morning lol but if you could take a look outside our window you would see the same pattern made from iron lol.i just figured out this yesterday.but inspiration come from many places....though mostly form the kitchen lol.i take a lot of shots while cooking not artistic photos but of anything that grabs my an onion for next painting idea lol.i must see to can paint.
enough for words huh,here some pictures

i used for the first time modeling paste.i asked for white acrylic ink and received husband sad it is better this than is a lightweight paste which covered very well the wholes between the coils and body of the bowl but a bit expensive as art supplies are usually.ehe

this is the final result and i got some very good advices to enhance the texture from Magdalena and Marilyn my flickr friends.thank you!i will sure try both methods!
Magda " I would slightly enhance the texture: dip a sponge in diluted black/dark blue acrylics and just touch the outer texture. It will give it more dimension. If you make it too dark - you can just wash it out by rubbing with damp sponge/cloth :) "
Marilyn "If you'd like to "enhance the texture", as studiomurano suggested, maybe you could rub a soft lead pencil onto paper, then get some of the lead onto your fingertips and rub it onto the high spots of your bowl. You could also use pastels or conte, maybe charcoal or even soot from a stove; anything that gives you the look you want. "
please don't mind the quotes i rush to the baby has to wake up.thank you again!


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