luni, 26 octombrie 2009

sneak peek

reconditioned kitchen lamp glass ...kind of kindergarten painting
lol...but it's moody

clown chicken getting developed very slow...

it seems that i'm living my second childhood regarding the painting part of my works.hehe.
not that i've lost but never had "art classes" in kindergarten for memories related to school are very pale too...i'm trying to ensnare my boy in painting fun messy activities but i was told that painting is for girls he is into carriers,F16 th and other "male" activities with his father now...
so i find a lot of fun following the blogs of artists like Gail Barter ,Kathy Barbro and soon others too thanks to my PM(paper mache) artist friend Jonty who has found them earlier .click the link if you want to make a tour on his blog you won't regret. he has a pro blog with lot of tutorials,step by step pictures,videos than come back once in year to find some news around here.i'll snailing forward with my projects but watch my sticky trails !


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