luni, 18 februarie 2013

paper coasters-suport din hartie pentru pahare

hi... made a lot things lately just didn't posted...a pinata,a lot of earrings,now the coasters and my son would like a solar system of that will come next.a mobile solar system-mached on balloons that will be painted by him.
the square coasters were commissioned and already was quite hard work as the bound paper coils were very difficult to turn at the edges.i have injured a nail and had some muscular fever for a day from the repetitive bending and pushing was made entirely of newspaper. the round ones are listed in my Etsy must say it was much easier even if they were coiled very dense.i've used 50 pages,a whole magazine into 4 coasters of 3.7".that means 150 pieces of paper straw,lol! well you may not believe but it took 8 hours of work for the square ones and 6 for the rounds.if you have time to kill you know what to do next ;)

as you can see a lot of GREEN work for this past week!


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