joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

w.i.p. bowl and ready necklace

hello! first of all  Big thanks for my lately followers :) & a Big thanks++ for my earlier and earliests followers who still stands by me :)
no time for many words i just want to show you what i am working on when the alignment of planets allows me

all the bests and happy recycling!

vineri, 4 noiembrie 2011

houses and earrings

...three little houses jumping on my desk...
 one fell off and... nothing happened ;0)
i was inspired to make some houses thanks to Rodica and Fishstikks.check their adorable little houses...i just couldn't help myself.

while the pin roses are still waiting for their pins,lol i'm just coloring the pile of gray bits i made long enough to forget what they were meant to be...well,some of them already has a new look like these two earrings

 i must fly away now like a little ladybug still not knowing how to finish her-necklace,bracelet,pin,fridge magnet ?
  bug bye bye


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