duminică, 13 decembrie 2009

i've been awarded

a couple of days ago i was very happy to receive my first award for being creative and sharing my "art" from Jonty.
this is actually his site and videos logo designed by him so i feel very honored and glad because it comes from a great papier mache artist.don't try to click on the award it is not linked back but you can visit his fabulous site by clicking his name on this post.thank you very much you've made my day the day before yesterday!
after being awarded my son made a portrait of a happy mine!i must post it as a thanksgiving!

luni, 7 decembrie 2009

little bowl experiments-NUMBER 1

hi,here again!

i've started a new bowl and got stuck(the same grammatical problem as below) guess where-of course while painting!i liked the first coat of paint but an idea jumped(has jumped have jumped or simple jumped -i never know-choose the right one...ugh) in my mind and made me quit any movements.i was afraid not to spoil the surface ....so then i've decided to make a mini bowl series to experiment.while the big bowl waits his paint couts a little one is already finished.not following the big ones idea.that's an old (lol)idea.i'll present my little bowls birth cutting out the very first images hehe-they are not needed.

this is the first image-molded over a plastic milk bottle(i can't find the right word).at this stage the rough pulp is still wet.the new idea was to dusk some well dried pulp pieces into for a new look.also learning on this new texture.

when fully dried(a few pieces had to be glued again though)it was covered in dragon skin.

lefted 24 hours to dry then applied a thin layer of acrylic wall paint ..

yes, i failed the painting part i had to change it -not immediately of course -the family needed me lol-

that's its size and new look not varnished yet....

i like the inside paint...somehow the outside one shouldbe nicer if smoother..i've realized though it's a nice texture it is hard to work with.it may be the size of a bowl.i'm sure it will be easier on a big one.

like it or not this is the FINAL result so far-it still needs to be sealed but for this one i wish i would have a perfect mat varnish.still not found.

holiday bracelets

happy holidays for all of you! kellemes unnepeket! sarbatori fericite!

a short message from heart.i'm no good at speeches maybe i should post a poem instead;)--i've been here only for looking around had no time posting.while i've finished the bracelets series.all four are ready and i wanted to share my little achievements.i've already posted them at flickr's that goes quicky and i had very good feedback which made me happy.

this is the second one called "dio" it's not from adio it just means nuts in hungarian.it has this nut like raw surface painted with orange than" washed"with liquid brown pigment.
so i f you like it don't throw away your mask tape roles when finished they are suitable for bracelets(well it depends on your hands and arm size too but they were designed for use over a body lol-it's sound odd ).at the end it was varnished.i've used mat floor varnish -

this is that came after the second the fourth i guess as i'm loosing myself in such of details.it remembers me a joke i've heard yesterday "while to blame the parliament ?he did nothing"-
i should mention that right now they are counting our votes for the new presidential elections.i hope they are not counting like me...
this bracelet follows the earlier "concept"lol-used masking type cutted half,added two layers of paper than added the modeled rough pulp which was then temperate with the dragon skin,painted and varnished.
the last one-i little bit different but we all are a bit like.so this is my fun bracelet entirely pulp the rest you've already know...
there's no group photo but it will be lol

thank you for your visit!

marți, 24 noiembrie 2009

wip 2-cup and bracelet

...it seems i cannot hold my promises to long.i was determined to finish my old projects and make nothing new during but something happens all the time and newbies are born.(like the bracelet)

i like the pattern on this cup only that i wanted to age it a little bit and thought i now how i was rushing to the "finale"and sealed it with mat floor varnish so i will not change its look .i still have to make its sole and move on with the other staffs.

this is a bracelet finished a few days before.three more to come.it's made of rough pulp then covered with "dragon skin"painted, sanded ,varnished.i like its "bone "look.maybe the next bowl will follow the idea.

luni, 16 noiembrie 2009

works in progress

three days ago i tried Jonty's dragon skin!i was very tempted from the moment i saw his video on youtube (you'll find the video on his site by clicking on his name) and time has come to try it!
it's a hit i tell you!i was very happy with the result but first i had to convert the ounce(oz) measurement unit in grams because we don't use ounce at all only ml or grams.i've found in the dictionary that 1 oz=28,349 gram so i've converted his magical recipe and.... surprise...the composition came out much more thick than on the video although i followed carefully the instructions .here comes the importance of videos so i take this moment for my special thanksgiving of your your efforts Jonty for spreading your knowledge and experience around the world .
i suppose the pva glue we are using around here is different in its constitution and thats why i had to add more water to the mass until it seemed to me it's alike the mixture seen in the video.of course i was worried about thinking of what the excess of water may cause but i gave it a try.
i was very happy with the result which cracks only if it's applied thicker than 2 mm.
and as an observation-i tried the mixture over gray pulp,white paper and cloth and the colors that i'm using after drying pops out much better on white paper and cloth than the pulp.for the pulp section i've added a coat of white household acrylic paint that helped.

here you can see a few of my staffs i'm working on...
first layer of dragon skin applied over unfinished pumpkin-although i've started it in July it's still in experiment stage lol

second layer- becomes smoother and covers little "mistakes"

now i just have to make pulp to finish the rest of the pumpkin..

my son have "ordered" a zeppelin-he is NOW in love with balloons so i have to make one.it looks rather a bomb now but i go forward

duminică, 1 noiembrie 2009

clown chicken

yesterday my baby had a good day,no cramps juhhuu so i could push to the finish my vic (very important chicken ;)).i'll still make a few little changes perhaps(repaint the nails for ex.)and maybe add a curly line as its hear... i'll see than seal with a couple of mat floor varnish coats.i did not
mixed the colors with pva glue because i run out of it so i'm i little nervous about the hue after applying the varnish.anyway it's painted and i'm almost happy with it!..........

luni, 26 octombrie 2009

sneak peek

reconditioned kitchen lamp glass ...kind of kindergarten painting
lol...but it's moody

clown chicken getting developed very slow...

it seems that i'm living my second childhood regarding the painting part of my works.hehe.
not that i've lost but never had "art classes" in kindergarten for example.my memories related to school are very pale too...i'm trying to ensnare my boy in painting fun messy activities but i was told that painting is for girls he is into carriers,F16 th and other "male" activities with his father now...
so i find a lot of fun following the blogs of artists like Gail Barter ,Kathy Barbro and soon others too thanks to my PM(paper mache) artist friend Jonty who has found them earlier .click the link if you want to make a tour on his blog you won't regret. he has a pro blog with lot of tutorials,step by step pictures,videos than come back once in year to find some news around here.i'll snailing forward with my projects but watch my sticky trails !

marți, 21 iulie 2009


well,my "first"bowl still not ready and i want to change a little more on it but this will come
later...i'm aspecting my second baby-boys birth any day by now.
what is already finished weeks ago is this new one i'm happy to show you.
it is made from pulp,sandend,painted with acrylics and sealed with mat floor varnish.
feel free and drop me a comment

joi, 23 aprilie 2009


this bowl-urn is the first thing finished after a long period of silence.
the colors went dark when sealing -- i face this problem often--somehow i liked
it better before but i can't change it anymore so i have to get used with it's looking or make another one :)...

it seems i'm not contented with the thing i make --i like the shapes i make but i get stocked on paintings,same problem--but maybe this is that pulse that makes me wanting to exceed myself..
the creating urge is like an itch growing day by day ... i meet a lot of talented people on the net
so i have a waste learning opportunity and inspiration source.

sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2009


i'm working on bowls.mostly experiencing and because i'm not contented with the final
result i change colors often.i'm still hanging on this first bowls feet as you can see below..even if the idea it was to be raw and to keep undefended the yellow foots i play with colors until I'll find them enough acceptable.this little problems keep me in holding...my good english gives me also headaches ....

and below the whole bowl from the beginnig then the little changes that has occur and still not finished...i think the first step next will be to change inside color than maybe add some buttons or a pattern to the body and than i'll see...even if i wanted those yellow foots from the start i want to sweeten its rawness a bit.

as an idea of body pattern i've tried this

but it was before the red socks...
another try--this time i used the paint program to see what if i.....

joi, 2 aprilie 2009

boluri de martie

au trecut 4 luni de cind n-am mai lucrat cu hartia.sarbatorile de iarna au sters
ultimele picaturi de vopsea de pe micuta masa de lucru si s-a asternut peste ea
praful.odata asezate frumos toate lucrurile in cutii,parca si cheful s-a incuiat cu
ele in intunecimea dulapului.asta pina acum cind iarasi e primavara(cei drept de
2 zile--alaltaieri parca mai ningea) si odata cu ea am devastat din nou micuta
masa cu "orori" pt cei cu mania curateniei.m-am mai imbogatit cu citeva
pensule fitoase si acest moment am trei mici proiecte la care lucrezi.
e vorba de 3 boluri decorative.unul e aproape gata,aici e si poza,arata cam ciudat
cu picioruse galbene dar asa am vrut.nu cred ca voi schimba culoarea in schimb voi
face citeva mici ajustari la culoarea inetriorului si al marginii.mi se pare prea"abrupta"....peste va veni un strat doua de lac,caut lac mat,dar
deocamdata fara succes.asa ca s-ar putea sa straluceasca la sfarsit.


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