luni, 1 decembrie 2008

surprise cups

i've surprised myself.i thought i will bore you with my beads again but instead i've just finished something my sun has begun.of course he get bored quickly after a few sticked paper on a balloon and especially when he noticed his hands stuffed with paste glue mess he run away rapidly to wash them so i remained to finish "the dog" as we supposed it to be but when dried i cut it for fun and so were formed the cups bowl.the rest was easy but i've get stuffed again at the painting part.finally i made something acceptable as you see and i'm somehow contented about the result.they are waiting for the final seal and the big cup will have some extra buttons.
i can't deny that i was inspired from at least two papier mache artists i've found recently.they are great and i loved their kettles -it was in my mind to try one but i didn't expected to be so soon-
Kesem Hamama and Carol W.i was also affected of other pm amateurs works especially those who passionately waste a few picture showing the same couple in different stages of their existence.


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