vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

new bracelet

i'll write the text later..........i have to ruuuuuuuuuuun

hi.back.not for long though hehe...
if anyone would like to know how this bracelet was made than read the comments and you'll find out.this time i did not used any inner just a piece of flexible cardboard.

joi, 7 ianuarie 2010


the latest three little bowls.. cannot call experiment..better a study of textures... this one following the orange-brown bracelets texture in a lighter hue.same procedure showed below -see first


i will change the pictures as soon as i find them for a better view...for now i borrowed them from my flickr.

 guessed.i used my husbands wood burner and i liked the bubbled texture a lot.
made from a very rough pulp-i call it one minute pulp-dragon skin-then pure pva burned at once i did not wait to dry... those tiny little bubbles were then painted with acrylics and are not sealed yet.(they are all over in the inside of the bowl and just portions on its outside)
here a picture before the finish....

the third following the bubbles line...i may change it...this is for now

inside and out...not varnished yet


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