marți, 24 noiembrie 2009

wip 2-cup and bracelet seems i cannot hold my promises to long.i was determined to finish my old projects and make nothing new during but something happens all the time and newbies are born.(like the bracelet)

i like the pattern on this cup only that i wanted to age it a little bit and thought i now how i was rushing to the "finale"and sealed it with mat floor varnish so i will not change its look .i still have to make its sole and move on with the other staffs.

this is a bracelet finished a few days before.three more to's made of rough pulp then covered with "dragon skin"painted, sanded ,varnished.i like its "bone "look.maybe the next bowl will follow the idea.

luni, 16 noiembrie 2009

works in progress

three days ago i tried Jonty's dragon skin!i was very tempted from the moment i saw his video on youtube (you'll find the video on his site by clicking on his name) and time has come to try it!
it's a hit i tell you!i was very happy with the result but first i had to convert the ounce(oz) measurement unit in grams because we don't use ounce at all only ml or grams.i've found in the dictionary that 1 oz=28,349 gram so i've converted his magical recipe and.... surprise...the composition came out much more thick than on the video although i followed carefully the instructions .here comes the importance of videos so i take this moment for my special thanksgiving of your your efforts Jonty for spreading your knowledge and experience around the world .
i suppose the pva glue we are using around here is different in its constitution and thats why i had to add more water to the mass until it seemed to me it's alike the mixture seen in the video.of course i was worried about thinking of what the excess of water may cause but i gave it a try.
i was very happy with the result which cracks only if it's applied thicker than 2 mm.
and as an observation-i tried the mixture over gray pulp,white paper and cloth and the colors that i'm using after drying pops out much better on white paper and cloth than the pulp.for the pulp section i've added a coat of white household acrylic paint that helped.

here you can see a few of my staffs i'm working on...
first layer of dragon skin applied over unfinished pumpkin-although i've started it in July it's still in experiment stage lol

second layer- becomes smoother and covers little "mistakes"

now i just have to make pulp to finish the rest of the pumpkin..

my son have "ordered" a zeppelin-he is NOW in love with balloons so i have to make looks rather a bomb now but i go forward

duminică, 1 noiembrie 2009

clown chicken

yesterday my baby had a good day,no cramps juhhuu so i could push to the finish my vic (very important chicken ;)).i'll still make a few little changes perhaps(repaint the nails for ex.)and maybe add a curly line as its hear... i'll see than seal with a couple of mat floor varnish coats.i did not
mixed the colors with pva glue because i run out of it so i'm i little nervous about the hue after applying the varnish.anyway it's painted and i'm almost happy with it!..........


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