duminică, 9 octombrie 2011

Paper Mache Rose Pins

and other bits...made of homemade paper pulp...
if you were thinking what's cooking on my kitchen then you can see now my" cooled" preparations on table.
i'm not a magnifique paper cook but i love what i do when i can do it.lately considered a luxury.

though they are only bits i did not made them in a few days...it all started in early June!! when my mother asked me to make some roses.a very good friend of mine was also interested buying some rosy stuffs so i made a few   attempts followed by other as everybody were pleased.
now they only need pins and ready to go!
the little mousie will however stay because is my little ones favorite toy for the moment :)

when ready i searched the net to find some similar stuffs but i only could see roses made of creppe paper and layered ones not pulp.glad i've managed to do some.it was not very easy to shape them.if by chance you've already seen paper pulp roses i would be very interested to let me know.

now the strand of pictures:

i hope soon some of them will be available on my etsy.
have a wonderful day!


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