marți, 12 aprilie 2011

finally some paper mache

my latest works in progress...a paper mache mirror commissioned work and some paper beads.i fancy them thanks to embracing tao so it was a must do :)

MImirrorRROR--- first i pasted the plastic edges of the mirror using masking tape and just put on a cardboard-no glue as i wanted to remove it later-then added my kind of teared pulp(teared newspaper and flour-water-salt mixture)-then i let it dry for two days.

later added some more of this kind of pulp and waited another two days to dry thoroughly.
the second image shows the dried pulp and already removed(after drying of course) cardboard back.
image three-the backside with the naked plastic mirror
and four- the same kind of pulp mixture covering entirely the mirror plus a buried hanger.
at this faze i added a better pulp(teared newspaper,soaked in water for a night,then mixed a bit with the blender-the binder agent was made of a mixture of water,flour and fluid pva glue after my eye)picture nr 5 shows the dried pulp featuring some little ornaments...
picture 6-the mirror hand sanded-just a bit-that's it for now...
the remained pulp was instant made into some chunky beads...

and some long forgotten rolled beads...not finished yet...
see you soon-i hope ;)


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