sâmbătă, 27 martie 2010

carnival costume

we found out quite late about my sons kindergarten carnival and also took a week to realise that it is much closer then we think while we were wondering what kind of personage he may like to be.

i started a mask while ago (you know the build up part with children use oil clay over a plastic batman mask lol which i found in a chineze shop-or better said a shop full with chineze stuffs-and sadly this is a tendency around here shops overloaded with cheap chineze materials,toys,cloth available to the large mass of tight belt population in crisis) and i thought to work out a wizard or witch mask until we decide what his costume is going to be.

we asked him what he wants to be and he sad calmly that a rocket would do it.my husband liked the idea v much and thought it was not to difficult making it already having the a lot of needed materials plus my mache experience of glue making,stripping,paper etc...lol

i was anxious because time was slipping through our finger still not a step made . i was ringing silent bells that we should start it because drying is a time consuming thing.
finally we faced the fact of having 4 and half days for making the rocket costume.

the costumes armature weren't the best actually was v weak (i told him lol) and i made only two paper layers over the cardboard(soft one) which warped as i thought at the first coat of acrylic wall paint.anyway we continued and done it after all.even if it's having its weaknesses here and there made his job successfully.our son collected a lot of wows when he entered the room.he was very proud of his original costume and even if it's stiffness prevented him to be too quick (as he usually is lol) our efforts were well paid by his contented smile.

forgot.the next carnival he wants to be a submarine looool

marți, 23 martie 2010

i won

my creation line is still beeping well not with a "normal" pulse but it's still alive lol...
there's been more than a month from my last post though i would have had a few stories to tell...
a sad news kept me away from my artistic activities and made me focus more on the family line..not that i'm "away" too far from it in my every days.a ray of hope was all i needed than and it came.i hope it stays that way!

meanwhile i had a pleasant surprise by being the favoured winner of a recycled jewellery contest on flickr which ended up looong time ago.i entered the contest with one of my paper bracelet made of empty masking tape inner and recycled newspaper pulp.

the contest organizer is a young open minded guy who lives in Hungary and has his very unique and original line of jewellery,belts, dog leads made of bike tires,valves of tires and inner tubes.
his wearable art runs under the slogan "once a bike-always a work of art" as i saw it in guardian.co.uk .he has a new site you may take a look...http://1mind1.com or access his flickr account via http://www.flickr.com/photos/mind1/ .
these are the earrings that i won and i'm happily wearing them! thank you again Denes!!! you've made my day in that cold february day.

now the picture of the winning bracelet made as a christmas gift to is "dio"bracelet.

i hope soon to post some of my aged projects which are still in progress faze and some of the new ones as a mask and a rocket costume for my sons kindergarten carnival lol.


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