vineri, 2 mai 2008

Toby az elso papir mache cicam.Csupa papir es akrill festek lufi vazon.
A legelso papir pasztabol szuletett.Kb egy eve.
Csak most lett befeljezve.A bajsza loszor,a vonomban maradt eleg...
Az alabbi linkek nagyon hasznosak voltak szamomra.A papir csoda,
probald ki...

He is Toby saying hello to you!My first paper pulp with a face and body.
Thanks for all those kind and warm people who encourage me
and advises me on from the yahoo pm group and papiermache site!

O,lufi hal,hamlo borrel....

2 comentarii:

Jonty spunea...

This is one fish i would not throw back. The paint work is marvelous. It looks both smooth & textured at the same time. Brilliant face too.


Hi IIDI, thank you for being one of my followers. I´m soory that I didn´t comment earlier on your blog.
I love to see other artists work, yours is great an different. Love your birds and jewellery. Keep on the good work.
Cláudia Clemente from


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