marți, 18 noiembrie 2008

hartie reciclata sub diferite forme

i've decided to quit for a while with this bead mania...i have a lot of unfinished staffs i'm bored to look at as they stare at me from every corner of our room leaved months even one year ago...i guess i'm the type of person who can hardly finish a job and always dive in something new...
but how can i quit beads when i always run out of pulp or have to wait broken legs,wings or remodelling shapes ,staffs to dry i'm not contented with?see how decided i am?
the good thing is that i do everything i'm making with love so it's a pleasant time to spend. i also pay to much time according to my family digging up other people's amazing creatures,paintings,techniques.this are other "everyday news" i least 30 minutes.
here are some necklaces i've made last week

and two of my birds getting finished i hope this or the following week...

i can't wait to see them painted!it will be a difficult job for me!

i tried the handmade paper recipe-thank you Joanna
and see the result -this is only a sample

i only could have a gauze for this purpose but you can find beautiful patterns on Joanna's site.

5 comentarii:

Joanna spunea...

Good work!
Your handmade paper is beautiful!
Soon I will answer on your email.

Anonim spunea...

vreau sa-ti pun niste intrebari.daca ai putea sa-mi dai add sa vb

Ildiko spunea...

thank y Joanna.

ti-am lasat mail dar n-am primit rasp.astept intrebarile

marry christmas!

Jonty spunea...

LOving the birds, the larger one more at the moment though. Great fun pose & face expression. Simply adorable & fun to look at lol. I hope to see him finished soon.

Ildiko spunea...

i hope too.but the finish comes soooo slowly.
i always crawl to the end...thank you for your comment Jonty.


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