marți, 21 iulie 2009


well,my "first"bowl still not ready and i want to change a little more on it but this will come
later...i'm aspecting my second baby-boys birth any day by now.
what is already finished weeks ago is this new one i'm happy to show you.
it is made from pulp,sandend,painted with acrylics and sealed with mat floor varnish.
feel free and drop me a comment

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Jonty spunea...

I simply love in inner texture finish to this project, it's so calming to look at with such depths that you don't have to stare at to see.


Jonty spunea...

I love the inner finish to this project. It has a look to it that feels more than it is. Marvelklous stuff.

Ildiko spunea...

glad to read your comment!
i always spend a lot of time
painting.for the first time this bowls make up was ready in 5 minutes.3 diluated colors over the classic sanded pulp.marvellously simple :))

erika spunea...

Szia, Ildiko! I want to colour my next figurative sculpture, and I remembered seeing some cool finishes on your blog. I really like this one. Just wondering, did you use many washes and coats or just one with different colours?
Koszonom. Nem ersz ra szobraszkodni mostanaban?

Ildiko spunea...

szia Erika!
actually i did not used the "wash" technique.i primed the bowl (wall paint)then painted it with three very diluted colours.the primer absorbed nicely the colours giving it the "wash" look.when dried a bit i applied another layer of dried brush beige.that's all then i varnished it.
i'm happy for your visit :)
nagyon szivesen.van egypar dolog elokeszuletben de idom sem volt nagyon es mindig elakadok a festes resznel :(.tudom hogy egy kis tehnikaval sokkal tobbre ido nincs tanulmanyozasra...


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