duminică, 5 februarie 2012

swirlin' around

my lately tin cup embossing addiction is not even cooled down i'm already messing up with paper circles...many of them already around all over the house...a new addiction? is it going to last? i have no idea if it will be a bloom i will see it in spring lol.
about 4 years ago i was tempted to make a paper basket and i managed to do the bottom of it then get bored and left in a box until now when i was already sure i will never get to make that basket so was thinking to upcycle the recycled and unfinished basket part.this way the paper sticks were swirled together and my little one was very happy playing with the 40 different size newborn paper snails.
later  i searched the net to see similar examples and some of the seen swirls made me paying more attention to the snails quality.then i found out that their "perfectness" is due to the store bought quilling paper and i cooled down a bit but still trying to make my best by recycling some magazine pages.
i'm still improving the coiling steps that i want to show you hopefully sometimes.i was already told to make a few coiled jewelry so i'm sticking with the snails a bit right now...

there are many things you could use the bounded swirls-i saw coiled bowls,plates,wall art,hot-matt(very practical i was thinking of that!),new banner (lol)etc...

this is also my entry to #17 "Show and Tell on Saturday" for artistsinblogland.blogspot.com
check out for other artists work by clicking the link!

stay warm and practice.............ildi

3 comentarii:

SooZeQue spunea...

Beautiful! So many ideas of what to do with those come to mind. What a lovely collage on a wall they would make. Love all the texture and color.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios spunea...

I love these, they make me happy just looking at them and so much you can do with them. xox Corrine

PiaD spunea...

These are so esthetical! And they make avery pretty banner indeed. If you have any tips on how you did the photography... I know i am not able to do it like that :/


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