luni, 10 mai 2010

plasticine and mold

i made the plasticine faces about a month ago as i could not focus on anything larger or time consuming but some little oil clay was fun making them and i just loved the way they fitted the situations when everything were (and it is) much important than relaxing through creation.
oil clay is generous.not only with kids ...i could always restart,drop it,restart and so on.the sharp silicon ended sculpt tool i bought half year ago for making paint dots (hehe) were exactly what i needed though i had no idea at the time that actually that is a wide used tool for sculpting in any kind of clays.

the brown face is already smashed or should i say generously turned out but the rest is still what they were a month ago...i mean nothing but faced bits of clay.

as you can see the following two pieces were luckily casted i just have to dare to compact a little paper pulp into ....or better to paste some strips as the mold came out a little bit deep.i would like to keep the mold if possible.
the basic idea would be making a few finger puppets and/or frig magnets so i'm really curious how they'll turn must be a way out isn't it?

4 comentarii:

Jonty spunea...

They look great & the plaster castings do too.

Anonim spunea...

What skill you have with faces!

Ildiko spunea...

thanks Jonty!!!

thank you too Amy!!!
i did not knew about my skills lol,this was the first time i tried to make faces from oil was i just have to keep them safe hehe

CartEssenza spunea...

Great works!!! Your comment was so nice, thank you!
Ciao, un abbraccio,
Mae :)


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