marți, 26 martie 2013

paper mache fox mask

done!even if i'm not completely pleased (because its too long nose,hehe)i've done my sons mask for next weeks school i can go to the hospital relieved to give birth to my baby :0).today my doctor is consulting me(i'm in week 40)and decides whether to stay there doing nothing or go home for another couple of i could finish the assembly of the mobile solar is ready but the hanging is another,i made a lot of pictures on how i made the mask and i will post it as soon as i just showing the final result.

in curind(dupa ce nasc,am sa pun poze despre cum am realizat masca.)
all bests,ildi 

ps update-i stay home for another week :)

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Renée spunea...

He's beautiful! Looks like one I saw on my walk the other morning. I love the shape and you got the color perfect! Hope all went well with the delivery!


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