sâmbătă, 31 ianuarie 2015

feeling happy

i've just shared our "work" on facebook ........a little happiness in colors and a sneak peek of what is coming next in my paper atelier ,that being the kitchen table :)... thought i'm already fancing some dolls-it would be great to capture our orchestral conductors (because they are changing almost every week still we have our well known annual faces) in paper.

seria reciclarilor continua-de data aceasta un vas prafuit urmeaza sa fie finisata,lacuita si postata.

la 50 de like-uri voi organiza un giveaway si voi da gratis o brosa de hartie asa ca daca v-ar place una nu trebuie nimic altceva decit sa fiti pe faza!
Domnul sa va fie calauza!

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