miercuri, 8 iunie 2011

woodland creatures

these are three little mushroom creatures i made a while ago from paper pulp and glue.i never sculpted at this scale but i had to give it a try as it usually remains a little unconsumed  pulp .so instead of beads i made them.
the mammy is just a few inches bigger then the beads i use to make.though she looks grumpy she is not mad.she is more wearing the mark of ages on her face in her waiting for her beloved ones to come home.i often see mammies like her in windows and ports wearing dark cloths and kerchiefs as we're passing away and following our way.

Mr. Galoca is a well know poisoning mushroom but sooo sweet.remind though that you have to resist  him ;)
obviously he couldn't resist either to a little sweet summer treat...believe me ice cream was hard to obtain in the woods but he got some good friends out there.who would not like friends like his? ...hello friends ,so nice to know you here!

Green man is very bored....nothing can drag him out of his state.he knows the whole woodland ,the singing birds,passing critters the moon fazes,the season of raspberries and blueberries riping still nothing can awaken his interest. ..he wasn't excited either of that big red parfumed rose behind...huhhhhhhhhhh is all that i hear...i'm getting bored...

see you soon,

3 comentarii:

Playmobil spunea...

One of my favorite things about this craft is that you probably have everything you need to create paper mache masterpieces laying around your home right now.

Leaf spunea...

so cute !!

Ildiko spunea...

i'm so glad you didn't just take a walk.thank you very much!


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