luni, 2 ianuarie 2012

paper mache fishes swimming in blogger ocean

wishing you Happy 2012!
besides the owl some paper fishes made them way to surf the web...
they are already in their new home and i'm happy they are so welcomed and loved!
this gift was made in three days i must confess that the microwave was a real help to accomplish the "task".
now i will spoil you with a lot of before and after pictures...fishes are the symbol of Christianity and stand for a plentiful prosper new year.we eat fish or pork in new years eve not a dram of chicken as they say chicken burrows in the past lol...

they were meant to be a hanged colorful catching decoration for a little baby....hopefully the forms and colors will catch her attention and make her leave mommy alone for a while lol...

Va doresc un An Nou Fericit !!!
Boldog Uj Evet!!!

be good.......................................ildi

6 comentarii:

erika spunea...

Ildi, these simple forms are very effective with colour added...beautiful!!!

But please try to post sizes if you can, it makes a differences for us sculptors. :)

BlackPumpkin spunea...

They are wonderful, my friend!! Amazing!

Ildiko spunea...

many thanks Erika!sometime painting is everything ;)
that yarn roll on the third image is confusing i know,i should have put a pencil or apple instead..

Thank you Pumpkin for your lovely comment!

Renée spunea...

Ildi, I LOVE your blogs!
Thanks so much for including my blog on yours♥- I'm honored!
I love your fish, too- they are beautiful!!

Anonim spunea...

Love these! Thanks for showing how you did this.

Ildiko spunea...

Thank you Renee-your comment makes me v happy!You are one of my fav artists!

Thank you Amy !Glad to hear from you!


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