luni, 13 decembrie 2010

old doodle-new object

hi friends!

i can't remember when i made this tiny little doodle on my notebook but i can tell you that i begined to work on it early in the summer.
i cuted out an aproximate circle form (50 cm diameter) of cardboard,glued a "naked"mirror on than added the pulp all around the it .as you can see i did not used a blender for the is only striped paper,flour paste and water.i coated the cardbord with diluted pva as i learnt from Jonty than added the strange pulp and left it to dry flat.
for some reason this summer were a nasty one,we have not seen to much the sun but rain.the mirror dried very slowly and even began to when somehow dried i put it aside for better days...and they have come.the radiators are going well and the stuffs are drying much quicklier.
what i have done now was another layer of the same type pulp and wait to drie.than i sanded it a little bit with hands and my husband helped with the sanpaper attached drilling doesn't came out as smooth as i wanted but i knew that the painting will full the eye.of course this made harder the painting job.

it will be a Christmas gift and i'm very happy that i could finish it in time.i may still add a star or a little bird here there but i'm not stressed...i used for the first time acrylics insted of fluid pigments and i was so happy that the headaches caused by smudging dissapeared.
i also learned that using acrylics the work can be called done sealer is not that important like before.of course i am thinking of sealing it,shinny varnish or not doesn't matters in this case....

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Jonty spunea...

WOW thanks for the mention/link again hun lol. When making the 'pulp' mix some PVA in it at that stage instead of flour & water. Nothing wrong with flour & water but for thick pulps mould is reduced using a PVA based glue instead of flour & water. PVA based glues will dry a lot faster too. Looks great.

Oh if you add a 'cardboard' back to a mirror project like this don't glue the glass to the cardboard. If the cardboard warps it can break the mirror.

Merry Christmas hun.

Ildiko spunea...

hi Jonty!
i will keep that in my mind-thanks!!-anyway the carboard moulded badly so i removed it completely and added later a few layers of news and brown is ok now.

thank you so much for the comment!

Merry Christmas !!!

B spunea...

This is absolutely beautiful. Love your work!


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