miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010


she is gessoed ,now it comes my favorite part-the painting !!!
and there she is........my first doll................

yesterday i finished her...
well this is how our traditional suit looks a bit stylized though(the dress in original is longer and not so round.the models on dress and vest are different depending on the aera from which they comes-anyway the red color and wolf teeths on the vests are omnipresent,while the apron is not ) the tenis shoes are my contribution lol,they usually wear long black boots or lacquer shoes but i couldn't resist....
i don't know how to make the final touch-varnish it or just coat it with a diluted pva glue...i would go for the varnish but all my varnishes shines too much.
...........i love the way she hangs,hehe...............

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Jonty spunea...

She looks awesome for a first time doll. Well done. Hope to see you working more often again lol..

Oh & Merry Christmas to you & yours from me & mine lol..

Erika spunea...

Ildi, she's so much fun. I used to dance in this costume, sans tennis shoes which I love by the way!
If you'd like to take this further, and I think you should, maybe try to get more detail in on the face.
If you used acrylic paint on her, that serves as sealer as well. I usually use Mod Podge, a kind of glue you mentioned I think. It's matter than varnish.
Can't wait to see more, you have a knack for this!

Ildiko spunea...

feedback is so important for me !thank you both so much !Happy Holidays Jonty !!!!

Erika-details are almost imposibile with the raw pulp i'm usually using.it always shrinks when dries and i better leave it "primitive".i'm sure sometime i will try homemade paper clay than i see what can i do.i'm so happy for your visit!it made me so happy!

Anonim spunea...

Well, I like your stuff. :)
Yes, the shrinkage is annoying, but I have gotten used to it. Most of the time I do a second layer once the first oned dries. The second one doesn't shrink much and you can get more detail on features and hands.
Some people will combine pm with polimer clay for the head if they want a smooth effect.

Ildiko spunea...

thanks again !!
i saw your post about the same trouble and you've resolved it spectacular !!
i will sure make some more figures sometime i really enjoyed working on bits...:)
about the polimer clay-i don't think i will touch it.i don't like the combination at all.i think paper clay with that joint compound(i never worked with yet) will do it.anyway your words were like an impuls to keep going in the sculpting direction.thank you !!!


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