luni, 6 iunie 2011

finished mirror

now i'm showing you the final steps of my first commissioned mirror.

first image-i opted for patterns on abstract painting.but i was not at all convinced by the developing result.
it was to dark and those three little prominences necessitated to be cut down as they were standing in my painting way ;)
i always like gesso-ing first the work area as colors are shown better on white.

second picture-just took the colors and put on the mirror having no particular thing in my mind as it shows...
then protected the color shapes with black outline which wasn't to my sons taste.he said-"now it's ugly with that black".
the crazy pattern work begun with the hearts shown on this image and ended -don't recall where- many many hours after....
i don't know how happens but i have no picture with the finished mirror only on my flickr.
if you want to see it just click the link below but don't be annoyed if you'll be asked to sign in.....i will try to look for the picture somewhere in our external hdd but that's another crazy thing to do now.

see you later,

2 comentarii:

LiquidBrick spunea...

Yes I love it! There are subtle reminders of your taste for zentangles in it too. You're inspiring me to get back to papier mache again. It is just so much work, isn't it, as you have found out once more. Well done!!

Ildiko spunea...

Hi Pia,thank you!You've made my day!nOw and then!
IT's a compliment when it came from an artist like you!
hehe,get back and work the paper !i'll have an eye for you ;)or two


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