marți, 15 mai 2012

mixed pickles

         mostly of paper pulp :)
but this orange mandala necklace made to order-i confess i had enough of spinning the paper so these may be the last ones till the desire blooms again hehe-

so all of these above made to order but given away at the end at my will in a little crepe paper sack and dandelion flower shown below...

... from the stack of bits finally some items ready :sawdust-the first pin- and paper mache the second one

.....earrings finished at my mom's request

and last... wip on my table -paper pulp houses,windmill etc made of egg casings...

...of which two are almost ready :)

thanks for watching...............:) idli

4 comentarii:

inka spunea...

przepiękne :)

PiaD spunea...

mixed pickles, LOL! who thinks of that but an original mind!? These necklaces make me hungy.

Ildiko spunea...

thank you Inka!

hehe ,hi Pia!it was an urge to hear your words so i plugged the comment in google trans and i started the morning with a good el ou el...many thanks

Renée spunea...

I love these pieces! Great work!


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