duminică, 6 mai 2012

DIY paper flowers

 what do you think of flowers?

 this is also my entry for Artist in Blogland "Show and Tell on Saturday" #25

this crazines stumbled upon me thanks to my latest follower  Ildiko from afrikkockas.blogspot.com who's latest post is about fabric flowers.ah,inspiration ! you never know when it hits you !so if you want to learn how to make chic fabric flowers here is the link: http://createanddelegate.blogspot.com/2010/04/tutorial-shabby-fabric-roses.html .i must say that if you don't have fabric glue it may take longer until a resonable finish....my first try wasn't a success,then another one failed so i lost patience and thought i could try same using paper.i google some images of DIY paper flowers and selected a few i loved- sorry i don't have all the links as in these past days i might have seen 50 tutorials lol-but i'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!there are many tut's of creppe paper flowers,roses,coffee filter roses-search youtube-i will recommend this three:

just to get an idea where i started from.this latest tutorial also made a bit headache but i was so determined to succeed that i didn't let it go after a few failures.when my hand accomplished the task i was able to make those two little fabric flowers with no glue no rolling just sewing using the same technique as presented in the crepe paper rose tutorial.i am still a bit clumsy with the crepe flowers but i must! make a paper flower topiary-ball ;).so each day i make a few flowers until my paper mache ball will be completed with roses.

in the first pictures there is my third or fourth tissue flower that is very simple to do and it look awesome on everything!i only could find pink tissue.just google how to make tissue paper flowers

                                            fabric,tissue and crepe paper flowers together:

                                                      ~   crepe paper flowers ~

now as i love to recycle there is my very first three recycled invoices paper roses.i finger painted the paper cut out each petal with no stencil simply by eye -each petal is different-and glued it with mod podge.then i played a bit with the pictures and spiced them up in Picassa.

this last images shows how the paper looked before upcycled into roses -have fun!.....ildi

2 comentarii:

Michellem spunea...

Beautiful!! Paper flowers are so fun to make - especially the roses - they look gorgeous in your pot outside!

Ildiko spunea...

thank you Michellem ! still have some tutorials to try out.i'm so glad i found many info's about paper flowers!you're v kind!glad for your visit!


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