luni, 18 iunie 2012

Dan Reeder inspired dragon mask

further with my sons school ending festivity- along the mace i was working on a dragon head and wings.
i'm so grateful for Dan Reeder's aka Monsterman's videos and tutorials from his blog!
i'm sure everybody interested in paper mache knows him or at least heard about him.he is a very talented cloth mache sculptor(and math teacher) who never stops amazing us with his professional videos,books and tutorials.i learnt a lot from his uploaded materials in this days and  tried to achieve as much as i could knowing that time is never on my side( my little one had a week of chicken pox) so the mask is not perfect but i'm very sure it will be a hit on my eldest's carnival.Romanian folks are not familiarized with paper mache to much .....thank you again Dan for everything you do for us!!!i always appreciated silently your work but now even more because i needed to know ...i'm not good at speach and believe me Dan i was thanking you a lot while the mask were coming alive :) i hope i didn't caused you hiccups ;)
here a few spots with the head and my pajama hero lol

thank you Dan again! you're AMAZING!!!
so i still have to make his black clothing and add the little monster wings.......i will post it when it will be finished............have a good day!

2 comentarii:

Dan Reeder spunea...

Hello Ildi,
What a fantastic dragon head! You did a beautiful job. I'm very happy that I could help. Keep up the great art!

Ildiko spunea...

thank you very much for the appreciation,you've made my day :).i feel honoured!


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