duminică, 17 iunie 2012

a-mace-ing grace

my son is going to be a ....dragon.....on 20th at 17.oo and he needed a mace.no grace.
so i did it.her teacher said that she has one so i don't have to bather myself by doing a lousy paper one but stubborn head as i am i did it.well,it is so strong that it is quite dangerous .. i'm going to put it well or high after the festivity....

it all started with a simple paper mache ball.....over a balloon of course...not the one in the image but very similar,this became a rose ball :)

then a lack of "making pictures"of the process as i was veeery nervous to see everything finished in time,you know about the drying process ...the paper ball came out weak and i was afraid of loosing precious time so i dived into "cloth mache" and covered the ball and spines with on old torn bead sheet then another thin layer of "storebought mache "(for 5!!years but i never touched it until now).

 i still got two and half days to finish his costume.but the mace is ready hehehe

be good and i will not use the mace lol :)
PS-a very useful video of faux wood finish i loved -i will share the link tomorrow-

2 comentarii:

Renée spunea...

that is SO cool Ildi! I love it. And I love the title, lol.

Ildiko spunea...

thank you very much dear ! i really appreciate :)


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