vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

handmade papier mache gift box-pachetel cadouri din hartie reciclata

                             HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends!!!

my lately sold bow ties were packed in such of gift boxes.i'm not sure how they will resist the postal conditions is very easy to made,love it's shape and outcome with the paper mache skin.

pachet cadouri handmade din papier mache foarte usor de facut,arata superb!"pielea paper mache"poate fi colaj din reviste,poate fi pictata,desenata,impodobita cu snururi etc...
asa ca poate veti avea chef sa reciclati in loc sa aruncati hartiile de ambalaj ale ciocolatiilor de

                  s-au golit pachetele de ceai in plic?iata cum pot arata reciclate:
this little palm size softies fitted also perfectly in these boxes!

all the bests.........and happy recycling in 2013!  ildi

4 comentarii:

CartEssenza spunea...

Marvellous idea, I like it a lot!

Happy recycling 2013 to you too!
Mae ♥

Ildiko spunea...

Thank you Mae!!!

Renée spunea...

Hey Ildi- those are beautiful- I love the shape and printed paper design!

Ildiko spunea...

thank you Renee!i love the shape too but those from the postal office.tomorrow i have to check something.i hope that they didn't turned back one of my sold items...


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