marți, 24 noiembrie 2009

wip 2-cup and bracelet seems i cannot hold my promises to long.i was determined to finish my old projects and make nothing new during but something happens all the time and newbies are born.(like the bracelet)

i like the pattern on this cup only that i wanted to age it a little bit and thought i now how i was rushing to the "finale"and sealed it with mat floor varnish so i will not change its look .i still have to make its sole and move on with the other staffs.

this is a bracelet finished a few days before.three more to's made of rough pulp then covered with "dragon skin"painted, sanded ,varnished.i like its "bone "look.maybe the next bowl will follow the idea.

2 comentarii:

Jonty spunea...

The cups are awesome, beautiful design. I like these a lot.

The bracelete though a little 'big' for my personal taste in jewelery IS how ever a stunning painted design. As always you are a goddess when it comes to creating wonderful patterns & painted textures lol.

P.S. The longer you can leave the dragon skin coating between drying & sealing the 'lighter' it becomes weight wise. It WILL continue to dry out after painting & WILL continue to become lighter in weight as time goes by just like ordinary PM will lol.

Ildiko spunea...

thank you v much Jonty!you've made my day!though i could say it only now!
you know what's funny-i almost never wear jewels not even earrings however it is a lot of fun making's also a very quick way to learn on textures and colors.


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