luni, 7 decembrie 2009

holiday bracelets

happy holidays for all of you! kellemes unnepeket! sarbatori fericite!

a short message from heart.i'm no good at speeches maybe i should post a poem instead;)--i've been here only for looking around had no time posting.while i've finished the bracelets series.all four are ready and i wanted to share my little achievements.i've already posted them at flickr's that goes quicky and i had very good feedback which made me happy.

this is the second one called "dio" it's not from adio it just means nuts in has this nut like raw surface painted with orange than" washed"with liquid brown pigment.
so i f you like it don't throw away your mask tape roles when finished they are suitable for bracelets(well it depends on your hands and arm size too but they were designed for use over a body lol-it's sound odd ).at the end it was varnished.i've used mat floor varnish -

this is that came after the second the fourth i guess as i'm loosing myself in such of remembers me a joke i've heard yesterday "while to blame the parliament ?he did nothing"-
i should mention that right now they are counting our votes for the new presidential elections.i hope they are not counting like me...
this bracelet follows the earlier "concept"lol-used masking type cutted half,added two layers of paper than added the modeled rough pulp which was then temperate with the dragon skin,painted and varnished.
the last one-i little bit different but we all are a bit this is my fun bracelet entirely pulp the rest you've already know...
there's no group photo but it will be lol

thank you for your visit!

4 comentarii:

Jonty spunea...


Some people say capitals are shouting when texting, well YES i was shouting there because these are awesome & should be shouted about.

I love the orange one the most. That textured finish makes me think deep warm thoughts of summer nights when the sun goes down & the sky is a deep red sometimes. The light peeking through huge tree branches as the light is caught through them & more. I love it to bits.

You rock hun.

Ildiko spunea...

wow ! my liver increases of joy with such of comments Jonty!...thank you!!!....unfortunately my bracelets doesn't brings closer the summer but it makes me happy when reading your opinion!

CartEssenza spunea...

"Dio" in Italian means "God", it's funny that in hungarian the meaning is "nuts", lol ;)

Ildiko spunea...

yes lol --i know --i have an italian cuzino who lives in como--when we were bambini we had to learn italian to ask him for a chicca lol...we lived in a dark communist era


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