duminică, 13 decembrie 2009

i've been awarded

a couple of days ago i was very happy to receive my first award for being creative and sharing my "art" from Jonty.
this is actually his site and videos logo designed by him so i feel very honored and glad because it comes from a great papier mache artist.don't try to click on the award it is not linked back but you can visit his fabulous site by clicking his name on this post.thank you very much you've made my day the day before yesterday!
after being awarded my son made a portrait of a happy mine!i must post it as a thanksgiving!

5 comentarii:

Jonty spunea...

A well deserved award too to a queen of pulp i feel lol. Your son is quite the artist too awesome drawing.


When things fall to pieces - Make those pieces into something

Ildiko spunea...

thank you!!!

CartEssenza spunea...

Hi Ildi, nice to meet you! Your work is beautiful and I'm happy to meet another papier-mache artist :) I like your style!

Greetings from Italy,
see you soon,
Mae - CartEssenza

Ildiko spunea...

thank you Mae !i'm very glad for your visit! :))

Moriah spunea...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my paintings! I used a clear stamp from a set I bought at the craft store as the background, in black ink and then covered it with watercolors and acrylics.



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