luni, 7 decembrie 2009

little bowl experiments-NUMBER 1

hi,here again!

i've started a new bowl and got stuck(the same grammatical problem as below) guess where-of course while painting!i liked the first coat of paint but an idea jumped(has jumped have jumped or simple jumped -i never know-choose the right one...ugh) in my mind and made me quit any movements.i was afraid not to spoil the surface then i've decided to make a mini bowl series to experiment.while the big bowl waits his paint couts a little one is already finished.not following the big ones idea.that's an old (lol)idea.i'll present my little bowls birth cutting out the very first images hehe-they are not needed.

this is the first image-molded over a plastic milk bottle(i can't find the right word).at this stage the rough pulp is still wet.the new idea was to dusk some well dried pulp pieces into for a new look.also learning on this new texture.

when fully dried(a few pieces had to be glued again though)it was covered in dragon skin.

lefted 24 hours to dry then applied a thin layer of acrylic wall paint ..

yes, i failed the painting part i had to change it -not immediately of course -the family needed me lol-

that's its size and new look not varnished yet....

i like the inside paint...somehow the outside one shouldbe nicer if smoother..i've realized though it's a nice texture it is hard to work may be the size of a bowl.i'm sure it will be easier on a big one.

like it or not this is the FINAL result so far-it still needs to be sealed but for this one i wish i would have a perfect mat varnish.still not found.

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Jonty spunea...

I have been toying with the idea of using the 'raw' pulp too. The nuggets of lumpy pulp that is. Though for me it was to create rock surfaces (See my 'hell' rock scene in PMA - PaperMacheArt group files & my 'killer clowns hair). What a neat idea to use it as bowls.

This is WHY i rate you as a queen of paper mache, you have such inovitave ideas with bowls.

These whilst being experimental look awesome. Combined with your painting techniques they will become stunning i am sure.

Ildiko spunea...

that clown is really awesome work!!!i'm afraid of
i appreciate your comments v much!thank you!

Kent spunea...

I am new to paper mache but I do like this pulp stuff of yours.The bowls make me hungry...they look good enough to eat.The bracelets are awsome by the original and beautiful...oh...and your english is fine...I am going to go browse more of your site..Thank you Ildi...

Ildiko spunea...

hi to paper mache but already make art lol!
i've never watched with "hungry" eyes this little bowl but you've just gave me an idea lol-to make them look like some chocholate glazed sweet...
thank you for your visit and comments!always welcomed ;))


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