vineri, 13 aprilie 2012

first pinata

no time to write i just through a few pictures with my little monster before and ......after.
it was so much fun! now i'm the pinata lady...i must make pinatas every birthday party i go haha...
this was made a month ago,there was already a second monster and now a third commissioned for next week.jaj! i must find a big balloon !!

  watch the guy with the black jeans as he lands the floor haha

be good..........ildi

3 comentarii:

Carla Scheffer spunea...

Very nice pinata! Kids love it, and it's so fun! :o)

Serge spunea...

That pinata would surely be the star of the show once it breaks and starts giving out those goodies! I could surely imagine how kids would swarm for those sweets!

Ildiko spunea...

Glad for your visit Serge!I couldn't believe that a pinata would cause such of excitement it is not a tradition in our country,well...importing right now,lol.


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