sâmbătă, 21 aprilie 2012

foxy time

poor unfinished projects! i really feel sorry for them....i've already rushed into another thing..making a fox hand puppet.i have no idea how i'm going to finish it but i really like its cute face.i'm no good in sewing and i would like to be very pretty.i hope it is not going to be a another unfinished...i there are too many obstacles i tend to do something else,weak me...

i have already done with my third pinata,today it had a big success...photos later someday...ildi

3 comentarii:

PiaD spunea...

Wow what a good looking fox! I don't know what you are talking about - she looks finished to me. You could mount her on a board to hang on the wall like one of these hunting trophies LOL oh well maybe a little too cruel.

Ildiko spunea...

hi Pia! i would like this fox to be a puppet.i just saw a good tut on youtube by Deborah Costine of Gerwick.so at least i have an idea how a puppet might look.now i must make some changes for the neck as it is too wide.then the paws and costume.not too much isn't it ? lol
thanks for your kind being and also being here.hugs ildi

Carla Scheffer spunea...

Hi, Ildi! I think you must finish this little fox, it's so cute! Just make the body now and it will be great!


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