miercuri, 23 iulie 2008

do-re-mi mache: recycled paper beads

do-re-mi mache: recycled paper beads

It's so much fun "playing" with paper.I never tried the "classical" rolling method for creating beads but I've found a great tutorial by natasha and the idea about dipping the beads in resin I love the best.Try out your hand and let your imagination fly (away from it).
I make my beads using paper pulp(lately i recycle used eggs shells witch I like better then newspaper) and acrylics.I seal them after drying with a yacht lac.I also use sand paper to polish ,sometimes sand them and soon I'll try to add wood chippings for a special look...
the following link (paper university)could be very useful for U too if you are already charmed and don't mind glue your hands to make your own beads,earrings.

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